USD/JPY – Who can stop the bulls today and where?


After FEDs decision to end its QE3, BOJ last night shocked traders by increasing its already-massive Quantitative Easing program by another 30 trillion yen per year. USD/JPY fly today like a rocket and looks like there is no end!? I can’t remember such a daily gain on the USD/JPY of more then 300 pips. Who can stop this pair and where? 112.50 maybe!? How do you see this traders?



  • Great stop prediction Mario. 🙂 Wow!


  • Nice setup for long before Fed Mario. This is 7 year high for this pair and 113.75 is in sight. 🙂


    • 🙂 Tnx! I think this is it for this week, like I said 112.50.


      • 112.47 high today. Very precise.


  • Just like you said before before FED, USD/JPY was technicaly ready to fly, BOJ just boost it. This pair was amazing opportunitie for long. 😦 I didn’t use your suggestion, fck.


    • Clear technical analysis, FED decision and surprise from BOJ. What can I say, this is what we all are waiting for on the market, right!?


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