EUR/USD, bearish after Macron’s victory, but…


The euro bulls failed to brake 1.1000 after Macron won the Franch presidential elections. Even the pair opened the week slightly above the 1.10, it wasn’t enough to brake the resistance and it start to fall immediately after opening on Sunday evening. The pair is falling for two days now and it didn’t stop until this up trend line at aprox 1.0880, where the sellers have took a break for now. If this trend line don’t stop them, serious buyers are waiting at 1.0800 and if the pair continue to fall furder today, that could be level from which the pair could bounce back higher. Target? Same as in previous analysis, 1.1300. If they fail to stop the fall there, 1.0700 is the next target for sellers. I pointed on my previous weekly analysis that 1.1000 could be very important level for the next development here and it turned to be like that for now. The bulls have failed for now, let’s see where they are hiding in the next couple of days. As I wrote already, the 1.0800 looks like a solid and very strong support and possible turnover point!?

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