USD/JPY, it’s all about SL hunting


I wrote about SL hunting two days ago at the GBP/USD and here we are again, at the USD/JPY. Well, there is a very good saying ‘trade what you see, not what you think’, but in the last couple of weeks I see too many moves like this, on which is not easy to trade. Is there is not enough liquidity for the big boys or they are changing the rules of trading? There is enough liquidity for sure, that’s why we could say that they have probably changed their technical view sometimes. This is not so strange and it’s not a conspiracy theory, but it should change retail trader view as well. It’s not easy to trade on this short term, but this fail breaks are nicely viewed in the higher TF’s like daily and weekly and that’s what you should always keep in mind while you’re in the position. It’s not easy I know, but that’s forex.

Read more about SL hunting.

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