FED, Interest Rate Decision!

mario urlic forex fed june 2016

Is there any chance from FED to hike today? Based on the latest terrible May employment report and following UK Brexit vote in June, the possibility of that action is very low. The market expectation from FED is to stand on hold until the meeting in July or September. That’s why the message from the FOMC could be that they expect to hike rates in the coming months. We will get new growth and inflation projections and that could be more interesting than the actual policy decision today. US dollar is slightly weaker today in front of the FED’s decision, the stock markets are positive after several days of huge decline. Sure, stay totaly focused and be ready for possible sharp moves in any time during the today’s meeting and decisions.

19:00 h (London time) > FED Interest Rate Decision!!! > Current 0.5%, Consensus 0.5%, Update 0.5%!!!

》FED leaves rates unchanged!

19:00 h (London time) > FED’s Monetary Policy Statement!!!

19:00 h (London time) > FOMC Economic Projections!!!

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