EUR/USD, FED gives hope to the euro bulls!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 28.04.

FED’s decision to stay on hold for sure gives the euro bulls hope, but as we can see, they are not so trilled with the current situation, shyly pushing the pair up in the last two days. This is technical resistance in this level near 1.1360/400 and there is huge sellers above the same. The question is, how strong the buyers must be to brake this on the way up? Must be huge player, there is no doubt, is he scared? You all know that this is huge multi month resistance area at 1.1460, but that’s why this is even more temped to be broken, because there is a huge stops above this level for sure. In my point of view, the buyers will try to attack once again and if they failed this time, return back down toward 1.100 could be sharp.

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