EUR/USD, you can run but you can’t hide!

mario urlic forex eur-usd M15 03.02.

What a day, woow! You sow that I expected this move few days ago and here we are, the sellers are busted all the way up. When I said that this will be the battle of the year, I really tought so. There is so many technical levels which are broken today, this was awasome move from the buyers indeed. And, that is what I called the bulls are on the run! You can see in my M15 chart how everything started today, consolidation channel, resistances, breaks, supports, everything in which I was pointed and described in my previous EUR/USD analysis. Strong daily MA’s are broken, trend lines… What else to say then, awasome move from the bulls. Now they can relax and find a new level for entry, a bit lower after they have busted the stops! What a beautiful day. I told you it will happen! 😉


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