US GDP, coming up!!!

mario urlic forex us gdp

For 40 minutes, US GDP data for Q4 is coming up. Previous 2.0% from Q3 will be hard to beat and the capital markets players average forcast for Q4 is 1.4%. Average expectations are lower at aprox 0.8% for Q4. This is very important data for the US dollar and sharp moves are possible if the numbers will be bellow or above the expectations. I wouldn’t speculate about the possible moves because of the difference in the expectations, let’s wait and see the data first. Be carefull!

13:30 h (GMT)  – US Gross Domestic Product Price Index (Q4) > Previous 1.3%, Expectation 0.8%. > Update 0.8%!

13:30 h (GMT) – US Gross Domestic Product Annualized (Q4) > Previous 2.0%, Expectation 0.8%. > Update 0.7%!

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