USD index has mainteined the bullish momentum!

mario urlic forex usd index 13.01.

USD index is moving true the up trend daily channel from December, with strong support at 97.00 and solid resistance from 99.20 > 99.60. In the beginning of December it touched 100.50 after wich has sharply fell back to 97.70 in just one day. Since then, the bulls have take over the 97.20 level, at outer weekly trendline and manage to build solid support for days. The USD buyers are still in control and it looks like they will try to reach 100.50 level again in the coming weeks. Sure, it want be easy for the USD bulls. You can see that from 99.30 all the way to 99.80 is full of  the technical resistance areas. Keep this chart in focus if you trade with USD pairs.

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