EUR/USD, 400+ pips move prediction!

mario urlic eur-usd 08.12

At the end of the November, the entire market was expecting furder decline of the EUR/USD and I was pointed and predict for a possible strong boost up from the 1.0550 level at November 25. My target was 1.0850 and only few days latter at December 03., after two fail attempts, the pair fly strongly up for more then 400 pips after ECB’s meeting, reached almost 1.1000. The biggest daily gain in this pair for a long, long time. After this huge surprise for the bears, the pair settle down at 1.0850/70 and close the week at the old/new support, where the bulls are holding defend line in this new week. The bears must be still in shock and the bulls will try to reach daily MA200 and 100 next, that’s for sure. I rarely showing on the possible movements in the market, but when I point at something like this, it turns out that I was right and accurate. This post is intended for those who want to see my analysis and predictions, on the basis of which I trade in the market. It’s rear to find something like this, isn’t it!? Experience and expertise from wich I pull out the best results what you can find in the market.

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