For me, it’s time to review 2015.


It’s December and despite the fact that could be very interesting month with ‘Santa Draghi’ and ‘Santa Yellen’, it’s time for me to wrap up the year and start to plan 2016., the year in wich I will reach the top! The past few years I worked realy hard, I’ve spent thousands of hours and hundreds thousands of euros by working, but I have build the foundation for success in this business, where I came to the point that I need to move a huge step forward. For such a step is necessary to conclude all previous operations and launch a new ones. I started with this specific preparation several months ago and it’s time to conclude the facts and start in 2016. the best I can.

Based on this, I will not write my analysis in December as I use to be and in the beggining of 2016. my blog website will have a completely different look and purpose. I have wrote a 385 technical analysis and with this one a round 500 posts in total. With more then 70,000 views in 12 months, from 140 countries in the world, I am more then satisfied. I’ve showed myself and others what I wanted. Everything what I’ve done here was freely, with no payments at all and I hope that my previous analysis and trades was helpful for someone in between more then 31,500 unique visitors of my blog. I hope, that my previous articles will help someone in the future as well. I will continue to help others in the future too, but not this way. It’s time for me to turn my knowledge and experience in to a currencies. 🙂

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