GOLD, daily MA100 hold on the way up, again!

mario urlic gold 28.09.

Gold is breaking down trend lines on the way up each time, but daily MA100 hold the bulls for the third time since June. This time, level 1152/57 has stop the furder gain and gold returned back true the previous support at 1140 today, all the way to 1130 for now. This is also a minnor support, the stronger one is 1120/23. the previous one from September 22./23. There is several technical reasons for gold to reboud back from that level, but the fall could continue toward 1100 as well if that level failed to hold. On the way up, 1140 is the first resistance now, daily MA100 second, 1150/57 the stronger one. Quite a big fall today with no particular reason!? Let’s follow this levels.

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