EUR/USD, after -175 pips gap the euro is strongly bullish!

eur-usd 29.06.

I am following the pair since opening last night, but still can’t find concrete technical levels to write about. The opening was fantastic with more then 170 pips gap in favor of the US dollar, at 1.1000. The euro has find decent buyers 50 pips bellow the opening level, at 1.0950 and after that 1.1000/20 was resistance until Europe was open. Surprise or not, the Europe market had pushed the pair strongly up for 100 pips to 1.1111 high, after wich the pair has settle down at 1.1060/70 for now. That level looks like solid support for now. This is still not clear, it can’t be after the move like this one, but as you can see, the euro is strongly bullish which is surprise for most of the traders for sure. 1.1130/40 is not far and it could be tested. That level could be resistance, but who could tell anaything with sence today? Let’s see what is the next move here!?

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