GBP/USD, Daily MA100 holds on the way down!

GBP-USD 06.06.

Third bearish week for the Pound, but daily MA100 hold the pair on the way down for three times this week at 1.5170. In this week, the pair has closed almost at the opening level, 1.5268/1.5283, but weekly range was almost 300 pips. The buyers were ready at Tuesday after wich the pair has touched daily MA100 and previous support level at 1.5160/75 and they were pushed the pair strongly up at the resistance level, to 1.5370, where the sellers stop the pair for two days. At Thursday, the bulls have break true the resistance 1.5370, reached 1.5440 high, but the bears were ready there and they returned the pair down under resistance 1.5370 again, where the pair has close the day. Friday and NFP has crushed the Pound again to the support near daily MA100, at 1.5189, but the buyers reacted again and returned the Pound back over the previous minor support from the Wednesday, where the pair has close the week at 1.5268. Interesting week, there is more to come for sure, follow this levels from the chart.

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