FOMC minutes, coming up!


FOMC minutes coming up in about 30 minutes, 18:00 (GMT). What to expect? I am not expeting anything dramatic today. The members will probably talk about Q1 growth slowdown and that could be challenging for the USD today. What about rate hike? There was speculations about June rate hike, but the members didn’t confirm that in the previous meetings. As I see it and I wrote about that before in my articles, I don’t see the rate hike in this year. Any sentence that refers to the later then June or September raising interest rates could crash the US dollar strong, but I think they will be very careful with statements. On the other side, lower US dollar could help the US recovery, so more dovish tone is expected from my side. Well, let’s see how this meeting will impact on the market and on the US Dollar!? Buckle up!

One comment

  • Many members thought it’s unlikely that the data available in June would provide sufficient confirmation for the rate hikes! That’s not news for me as I wrote it in the article.


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