EUR/USD, if 1.1030/50 falls, 1.1300 is the next target!

eur-usd 28.04.

As I wrote today in my previous analysis, this is a hard battle for the euro bulls, but they refuse to give up. Upper trendline of the equdistant channell stoped the growth for now at 1.0990, but 1.1030/50 is near and the buyers must try to take over that teritory of the bears, it’s time. This current level above 1.0930/50 could give the buyers more strenght and it could provide additional boost. For sure, if 1.1030/50 level would be broken, the bulls will aim the next target, 1.1300, the 23.6 fibo return of the EUR/USD huge fall. Let’s see what would happen with this resistance at 1.1030/50, that’s the first step on the way up toward daily MA100.

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