GOLD, at the end of the week!

gold 18.04. mario urlic

What do we have on gold and how the things are developing regardles to my inverse H&S prediction? We could see that gold managed to stay in the 1190/1220 range, with slight decline bellow at April 14., when I was pointed that move in my analysis, as an possible fail brake. 1208 was the first minor resistance and that level was unable to pass true for this week, despite very weak US dollar in the market and that was a little strange to me, it could be a bearish sign. We will see how the gold will behave in the coming week, but what must to be done for furder gain is brake of the 1120/23 resistance level. I draw this up trend channel as an possible way up and if you take a look at smaller H4 chart, there is another up trendline which has pushed the gold up from 1185–>1198. I can’t wait to see furder development here at precious metal.

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