EUR/USD, the euro fell sharply down, again!

eur-usd 16.04.

Euro manage to reached the first stronger resistance at 1.0710/30, with 1.0746 high during the Asian sesion, after wich has ruturned down sharply, all the way to the 1.0626 for now. As I can see the technical chart, this level aprox 1.0600 could stop this fall and, on the way to the recovery, 1.0670/80 could be the first resistance again. The reason for a such a sharp fall we could probably found in the bond yields fall across the Eurozone, but let’s concentrate on the technical levels. I was pointed before in my EUR/USD analysis, at the 1.0710/30 as an possible strong resistance here. Hard battle for the euro bulls. As I wrote yesterday, the roller coaster on the run and it continues today!

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