GOLD, close the week under support, open the new above!

gold 09.03.

I wrote in my gold analysis from Friday, that 1167 is low level of support. But, on Friday gold sliped under and touch the low at 1163.70, after wich gold try to recover, but 1167 was resistance, and gold closed the week at 1165. Well, last night at the opening week, gold ‘jump’ over that level and open the week at 1169, after wich 1167 supported the precious metal on the way down today. High od the day is 1175 for now and gold is looking bullish. What a turnover here, after ‘cleaning a few stops’ bellow support on Friday! Strange moves on gold, I don’t like this and I would wait for few days to see what next. Until then, I stand behind my last gold analysis.


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