GOLD, a new step down!

gold 17.02.

As I wrote in my Gold analysis from February 12., gold bears reached 1205 target today! Could this level hold? Up trendline from December 01. –> January 02. is here, but gold is not on the way up, and that could be a problem. Support at 1205 could be strong and if the level brakes, lower levels are possible. In that case, 1205 could become a strong resistance and  1170/80 is the next target for the bears! Like I said on my last gold analysis, safety is off despite Greece and Ukraine. Strange isn’t it!? But, tecnical works. 🙂



  • I traded this one, short 1233 -1205. Thank you Mario. 😉

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    • 🙂 Np Sandy!


  • Zaista fascinantno, kako ga samo pronađeš uvijek. 🙂

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  • Great prediction as always on gold, in 1 usd. Way to go my friend!

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