EUR/USD falling toward 1.1875, the June 2010. low!

eur-usd 05.01.

I wrote about that level in my previous EUR/USD analysis from January 02.  Psychical 1.20 level stoped the euro fall at Friday but the pair opened this week at 1.1936 with 70 pips gap. In the first minute of trading EUR/USD catch 1.20 and return again at 1.1930! Wow, that was the Asian low volatility move! After that the euro manage to recover to 1.1975 and it seams that we have new resistance there, which euro try to attack two times today. Slide continued after with now low of the day at 1.9000 before 30 mins. What next? 1.1875, the low from June 2010. could be the support, but hey, who knows where is the end of this 7 month EUR/USD fall!? Any idea traders!?

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