It's friday, gold up!

gold 21.11.

Third friday in a row gold rises. As I wrote in my analysis from Monday, 1208/10 could be the next target for this week and here we are, 1207.86 high for now.  I wrote yesterday that gold is looking bullish and point at this up trendline which one is pushed the gold up today. Gold is still looking bullish, but can it brake strong resistance at 1208/10 and catch 1220/25 for the end of the week? 1208/10 is level is between 50.0 fibo return of the October 21. –> November 07. fall and 38.2 fibo of the July 10. –> November 07. fall. But hey, it’s friday everything is possible. 🙂 On the other side, H4/MA200 at 1202 could hold gold on the way down, 1290/92 as well and stronger. My predicted target 1208/10 is reached and support 1178/80 hold as I said. I could close my book for this week! 😉 See you!

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