Forex quotes – Nr.12

forex quotes mario urlic12

When I say this, then I definitely think exactly what it means. For you as a trader, there is so many factors which are important for you’re performance and one of the most important one is you’re felling or sentiment. If you ‘feel the market’ and you have a great analysis, set up’s and market is ready to make a move, take all what the market gives you. Forget the stories about greed then and stop trading only if you make a mistake. Don’t stop trading if you have winning positions one after another, just keep pushing. Based on my experience, there is always a good days or weeks and there is always a bad ones as well. Well, you have to take the advantage of those good ones and make the best performance as you can. Because, the bad ones will come for sure in which you will not be able to take anything. On those bad days, be focus on the risk and try to keep what you have.

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