ECB Interest rate decision, coming up!

mario urlic forex mario draghi and bulls

Euro bulls are chasing Mr.Draghi each time in 2016. when he anounce some specific easing monetary measures from the ECB, or when he try to weaken the euro by dovish talk. Let’s see how will this ended today!? At first, we have a rates decision and 45 minutes latter Monetary policy statement and press conference and that will be more important for the market moves!

12:45 h (London time) – ECB Interest rate decision! > Previous 0%, Consensus 0% > Update 0%!

12:45 h (London time) – ECB Deposit rate decision! > Previous -0.4%, Consensus -0.4% > Update -0.4%!

ECB leave rates unchanged, press conference is coming up!

13:30 h (London time) – ECB Monetary Policy Statement and Press Conference!!! LIVE Webcast here.

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