EUR/USD, important support for the Euro!

mario urlic forex eur-usd 24.02.

The EUR/USD reached daily MA100, which I have predicted in my previous analysis and trade. What now? This level at 1.0910/40 is very important for the euro in my point of view and furder move will depend on development around this point. The US dollar is very strong and the USD Index is reached Daily MA100 as well. That’s why this is very interesting to follow now. On the way back up, there is H4/MA200 as an first resistance at 1.1005/15, follows 1.1050/60 and 1.1120/30 the stronger one. It looks like the buyers are still not interested for entry here at 1.0960, but we will see lower at 1.0910/40!?

>>> If you’re searching for long entry, take a look at my EUR/USD analysis from February 12.  This is pointed level!


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