USD/CHF – USD/JPY, investors are afraid of the SNB and BOJ!

mario urlic forex usd-jpy-chf 15.02.

Everyone loves CHF and JPY in these days, but the investors have fear of the possible SNB’s and BOJ’s intevention in the market. That’s why they have turned into US dollar in the last two days, Friday/Monday. It seams that ‘the talk’ from the central bankers wasn’t so innocent as we tought in the previous week and the market moves in this pairs confirms that. Based on that, we could see the decline in gold as well, what shows that the safe heaven is not favorable now. Sure, you can see at the USD/CHF that the daily MA200 has stoped the fall and that level has provide a solid support for 4 days in a row and I wrote here in February 11. why the USD/JPY has returned up from the 111.00 support. The both pairs has reached resistance levels today and you can see in my charts which ones. It’s hard to analyse with ‘this background’ from wich the central bankers threaten investors with the possible interventions in the market. Who knows, maybe in this growth they have their fingers ‘intervene’. Steady up for whole day, easy true the resistances, well!? Watch the technical levels anyway, it could help in you’re next decisions.

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