US Consumer Price Index, coming up!!!

mario urlic us consumer price index

US Consumer price index ex food & energy data for December is coming up today. The CPI for all urban consumers (CPI-U) was unchanged for November on a sesonally basis and over the previous 12 months, the all item index increased 0,5% before sesonal adjustment, which was the largest increase in the previous 12 month period ending  December 2014. The index for all items les food and energy rose 2,0% its largest 12-month icrease since the 12 months, ending May 2014.

13:30 h (GMT) – CPI ex food & energy (YoY) Dec. > Previous 2,0% > Expectation 2,1%!!! Update > 2,1%!

13:30 h (GMT) – CPI (YoY) Dec. > Previous 0,5% > Expectation 0,8%!!! Update > 0,7%!

Possible high volatility on the USD pairs!!!

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