Don’t trade with money that you can’t afford to lose!

empty pockets

Most people are searching for an easy way to become rich and I know the most of the forex traders think the same. But, as I always wrote in my articles, there is no easy money nowhere, especially not in this job. Because of the great opportunities that forex offers every month, week, day and hour many traders are willing to invest the money which they can’t afford to lose! After they failed and based on statistics 90% of them are, they will be even in bigger problems then before the investment. Always think of the posibility to lose everything and what if that happens!?


I know that most of those losers in the market are beginners and that is not strange. Traders community, let’s call the environment like that, are mostly presenting the forex market as a place where anyone can be involved. Many brokers attract customers in a way  where they present forex as a place where you can make an easy and huge money. They are offering an opportunities like, be you’re own broker, trade from you’re home while you’re cooking your dinner and bunch of crazy things like that. Sure they will find the way to the customers like that easy, who wouldn’t like to live that way. To do nothing and to live like a king. Would you?

That’s why the beginners are ready to do a stupid things, like investment of the whole savings for example, because the greedy banks are giving only 2% interest on saving in a year. Why don’t we try to take that in the forex market in a month or in a day, right!? It’s easy or? Some of the traders goes even a step furder. They are taking a loans and invest that money in the market, yes they are. I know that, I am working in a stock brokerage house for years. And the stupidest one are borowing the money from family and friends and invest that in to the forex market. And all of that because someone told them it’s easy. They don’t know them, but they trust them, because they are brokers, right!?

Swissquote IB 2018

Well, they will not trade for you and make the important decisions. They just want your money and commission based on your trading turnover. Ok, they are not quilty because you’re not educated, because you don’t understand the market, because you have take a too big risk, because you don’t know how to make money by trading. You are the one who are reponsible for the loss, only you. Sometimes even the experienced traders can lose the investment, but they can recover after a while and bad period. Can you? Do you have enough experience? To lose all investment on forex is easy, but it’s hard to return it.

So please, always consider the option that you could lose everything if you don’t know what are you doing. And, most ‘traders’ don’t. Always think of that, what if I lose everything I have? Are you ready to risk that much? I hope not!?

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