USD/CHF, could the US dollar bulls cover 'SNB's move'?


Based on daily chart, they are not far away. US dollar is extremely bullish vs Swiss franc for days, cover more then 61.8 loss, after the SNB was remove the EUR/CHF 1.20 cap. In the last couple of days, US dollar have ‘problem’ with braking outer weekly trendline, whish has pushed the pair from May/June 2014. This level 0.9550/70 was also previous support from November/December 2014. and daily MA100 is placed here as well, today at 0.9538. If US dollar bulls manage to brake this level, 0.9800 will be the next test/resistance and 1.0200 the last one, where they will cover complete loss after ‘SNB’s move’. As I can see, they could cover that. What’s your view traders?

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