GOLD, bulls have covered 1200 again!

gold 23.02.

Gold opened the week at 1203.48, but slide under 1200 during the European opening sesion with 1190 low, where gold find the buyers, wich has pushed gold back at 1210 at the time of writing. It looks like this could be a fail brake today and 1200 shows as a solid support, like I have writen before in my gold analysis. Could gold bulls continue to push higher and keep the defending line at 1200 again? Interesting battle on gold, what’s your view on gold traders?

Update: 16:43 h (GMT) Sellers/bears are waiting!

gold 23.02. II

It’s clear what has stoped the gold on the way up, H4 down trendline and return it to test 1200 again!


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