EUR/USD, 200 pips roller coaster!

eur-usd. 06.02.

I have already mentioned last week, that the market is too nervous, reacting on the headlines strong and quickly! You have probably saw/experienced that at EUR/USD, with 200 pips up/down ride, for two times last week! On February 03. the pair strongly jumped from 1.1320 to 1.1533, after wich start to fall slowly at the begining, but after the ECB reject Greek bonds as collateral, at the and of the day at February 04. the pair erased all previous 200 pips gain! Support from previous day at 1.1310 stop the fall and pushed the pair up again at February 05., from the low of 1.1303 all the way to the 1.1498!  The pair stoped there at the previous day resistance and slightly decline hour by hour until US employement data, after wich the pair fall like a rock one more time, back to the 1.1310 of course! Well, that was a hell of the ride, that’s for sure. Have you ridden? 🙂

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