GOLD, profit taking!?

gold 26.01.

Gold reached 1307.50 high last week after the QE from ECB, but the move wasn’t strong enough to branch that level 1305/07. Weekly MA100 at 1309 remeined untouched. We can see, that Greek elections didn’t impact on gold as well and gold declined today at 1277. Could this move down be the profit taking and could the bulls stop this fall at this strong previous monthly trendline (1277), or gold will continue to slide down toward 1255—>1225!? Gold rise continuously from January 02. starting at 1170 and this could be normaly corection, so, watch this levels!


  • It’s amaizing how you allways find those levels on gold in 1 usd. Great job Mario.

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  • Tako je, sad ga treba pratit, žap mi je što nisam ušao u mini-short u 08.30h kad je pao ispod 12920 cca ( ispod100sma-1h) i ( ispod prethodna 3 dana close) do 12282…ali sad je definitivno pod pritiskom tako da sad treba biti spreman, što više cijena bude lutala po ovom mini- range to bolje, veča nervoza u proboju,idealno kad bi se u tom range provukla ispod 200sma-1h…ali je još daleko .., all otom potom…

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