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Forex economic news and important events notices


Since 2015 the founder Mario Urlic write about important events like central bank decisions, forex economic and other important news with his view and comments on the same.  That’s how we have aprox 200 amaizing articles in that field in our web site until March 2020. In future, with our new team members, we will be focused on same and write on daily basis selective important economic news and about important events and actions. Very soon we will have alerts and notices with our personal view as before.

If you are interested to be a part of our team in this field, please contact us.

Forex technical analysis

Forex Trader Crude Oil statistic 2018

Since 2014 our founder wrote on daily basis forex analysis and predictions. He took a break from writing the same in 2017, but we have over 600 technical analysis in between there is an oustanding market move predictions, which were famous around the world. In future, with our new team members, we will be focused on same and write on daily basis selective analysis and possible moves from different analysts.

If you think that you are good analyst and you would like to share your view here, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Forex Live trading

03 FXtreme by Mario Urlic

Mario use to have live trading events in our web and that’s the field what we want to return totaly here. We are working on project and technical solutions and we hope how this service will be in full launched during 2020. We will keep you informed on time.

Stock market and Forex education


ForexTrader education – Erasmus students, economics and business economics 2nd and 3rd Year. Summer 2019

Our experience is priceless and that’s how we have almost 100 articles about education in our web, most of them from personal view from Mario Urlic. Honesty is the greatest virtue of our founder and in those articles he write about good and bad things in his long trading career, as well as good and bad sides of the market for retail traders. Every article is worth to read. Also, Mario personally held several educations for students of 2nd and 3rd year of Economics and Business Economics and also for Erasmus students during summer. We will continue to write educational articles and during 2020 we will implement live educations with Mario in our web site.