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My Services

Forex technical analysis and setups

I officially start writing FX analysis during 2013/2014 for the Admiral Markets global web site. In 2015 I launched my blog fx24seven, which has been replaced during 2016 with new domain For 2 years I shared over 600 intraday, swing and long term technical insights here, where you can check my expertise in this field. Since 2019 I share my technical insights and setups to retail and institutional traders, managers and investors on request.

Forex and stock markets educations

Same as I wrote the technical insights for years, I wrote educational articles, which I still do here in my blog. As well, personaly I held many educations for students of 2nd and 3rd year of economics and business economics, same as for Erasmus students during summer, in organization from University of Dubronik. Lately, I focused myself on personal trainings and private educations for retail and institutional traders, managers and investors on request.

Forex portfolio management

During my long trading career from time to time I tried to manage some FX private accounts in between 2016 and 2018 and failed. That’s how from 2018 I focused myself on psychological trainings and educations how to perfect my trading skills for managed accounts. I expect to launch the proper investment program soon with my new team, latest in the beginning of 2021.

Special thanks to Mario Urlic for sharing his amaizing chart technical insights. It was a huge help to me for the CMT exams.

Stjepan Kalinic – Market Strategist CMT


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