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20% risk, 100%+ gain, 1 trade, 1 day on real account. Check the trade and details how I did it.

In my previous two posts I have showed a large gain with high risk involved with my FXtreme Aggressive trading, but in this one I will show you how sometimes I can do it with low risk such as 20% in total. With RR ratio at the end of 1:6 this single trade made more than 120% profit . Unfortunately, it

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200% in 12 days, from 20K to 60K EUR on real account. Check the details how I did it.

Furder to my article from yesterday about 100% gain in just two days, I would like to present one more trading in which I made almost 200% in just 12 days. This trading were just before I traded the previous presented one, in March/April 2019. I don’t have a specific trades to show like in my previous post as in

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100% in two days, from 10k to 20k EUR on real account. Check the trades and details how I did it.

Traders and investors are usually sceptical when I talk about 100% or 200% possible gain in short term period like 2 or 3 months, but I will prove with my concrete posts in which I will include even a specific trades, that for some of us something like that is possible even in one day, week or less then a

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