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Global stock markets cap reached $50 Trillion, the highest level in history

According to the MSCI World Index, global market cap hits on Tuesday April 25. 2017 a $50 Trillion for the first time ever. The MSCI index is a broad global equity benchmark that represents large and mid-cap equity performance across 23 developed markets countries. It covers approximately 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization in each country and MSCI World benchmark

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Low interest rates are the same as drug addiction!

And we can see that from yesterday FED’s decision to leave all rates unchanged. I was sure that the FED will hike yesterday, because all FED’s conditions (data-depended) have been fulfilled. Long-term unemployment forecats is 4.7-5.0%, right where the official unemployment rate is currently, while the Core PCE of 1.7% is already higher than the high range of the FED’s 2016 year

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FED can't stop with printing!

After ‘Lehman failure’, the FED started with biggest money printing of all time. Prior to the Lehman Brothers failure, the FED reports that the monetary base stood at $849.8 billion and until today, the monetary base had expanded to more then $4,0 trillion. This $3,15 trillion expansion has all taken place within 8 years. If, instead, the Fed had continued to expand

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Removing the 'CHF peg' was the right decision! Is it?

These are the words from the SNB’s Jordan after they removed the 1.20 eur/chf peg, when Swiss franc causes panic on global markets. But, 15 days latter he is not that conviced in that decision. Talking on the SRF yesterday, head of the SNB Thomas Jordan said, that they are ‘observing’ the exchange rate situation, but he mentioned for several

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I told you that I will smash the euro…

…if Euro area inflation aproach to 0%! In December 2014. inflation fell bellow zero, to -0,2% and in this week, Mr.Mario Draghi (ECB) ‘fire up’ the 1.1 trillion euros QE in total, ie. to buy 60 billion in sovereign bonds each month until at least September 2016 . They decided to do everything in order to boost Euro area recovery, with the main objective

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