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Mario Urlic

Name: Mario Urlić

Residence: Dubrovnik, CROATIA

Current position: CEO Aureus Invest  2017 》today

Previous position: Branch Manager/Stock Broker  Hita Securities 2007 》2017

Trading experience: Equities 16 years, Forex 8 years

Trading style FX: Technical/Manual, intra-day, day-long and intra-week

Trading system: Bloomberg Terminal and MT4



In the stock exchange I began trading in 2003 with personal capital of $25,000. In the next couple of years until October 2007, I increased my starting capital into $500,000 by trading. I made a turnover of more then $20 million in trading for my personal account. The best portfolio performance I achieved by trading shares was gain of 380% in 12 months. As I have worked for more then 9 years, 2007 》2017, as a Branch manager for the private joint stock company ‘HITA SECURITIES’, a regulated stock broker and investment company with over 30,000 clients, I have an extensive experience in the stock markets, in which I’ve turned over $180 million in trading for clients. The best experience I’ve gained true the recession and crisis in 2008/2009, in which period I learned much more than in the years of prosperity.


I began seriously studying the market in 2008  but as the Croatian National Bank (HNB) didn’t allow trading on Forex before 2010, that was the year of my beginning. I started trading on real account with capital of  $15,000. In the next 4 years I’ve lost/invested aprox $350,000 of my personal saving in trading. During 2015/2016 I’ve become profitable for my personal account and started to build a strategy named ‘FXtreme’. Most knowledge I gained was trading continuously in the market, day after day with various currency pairs, gold spot, crude oil and stock market indices. From the early beginning I fell into the dynamics of the market and knew I was going to do it professionally. When I decided to do that in 2016, I focused myself mostly on psichological trainings and it took more then two years 2016/2017 to overcome all the difficulties true the asset management trading. During 2018 I finally solved all the problems and mastered all the levels I set to success.


As I mention above, I decided to go professionally in the asset management and alongside the trainings and strategy testing I initiated the procedure of establishment my private hedge fund during 2016 and start with preparations. As the hedge fund business requires a highly professional team to work with, due the three years 2016 » 2018 I had a few failed cooperation deals with my potential partners. That’s how in the beginning of 2019 I decided to delay the hedge fund registration and to work as a professional FX Portfolio Manager for a while. Company is based in London UK, FCA regulated, the name will be announced soon.

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