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Mario Urlic ForexTrader

Name: Mario Urlić

Nickname: ‘The Sniper’

Residence: Dubrovnik, CROATIA

Current position: Founder and CEO Aureus Invest  2017》

Previous position: Branch manager  Hita Securities 2007》2016

Trading experience: Equities 14 years, forex 7 years

Trading style FX: Technical, intra-day, day-long and intra-week



In the stock exchange I began trading in 2003 with personal capital of $25,000. In the next couple of years until October 2007, I increased my starting capital into $500,000 by trading. I made a personal turnover of more then $20 million. The best portfolio performance I achieved by trading shares was gain of 380% in 12 months. As I have worked for more then 9 years, until December 2016, as a Branch manager for private joint stock company ‘HITA SECURITIES’, regulated broker that provides services in the Stock Exchanges, I have extensive experience in the stock markets, in wich we had turned over $180 million trading for clients.


I began seriously studying the market in 2008  but as the Croatian National Bank (HNB) didn’t allow trading on Forex before 2010, that was the year of my beginning. I started trading on real account with capital of  $15,000. In the next 4 years I’ve lost/invested aprox $350,000 of my personal saving, but in 2015 I’ve become highly profitable and started to build a personal strategy named ‘FXtreme’. Most knowledge I gained was trading continuously in the market, day after day with diferent curency pairs, gold spot and stock market indices. I fell into the dynamics of the market and knew I was going to do it professionally eventualy. When I decided to do this professionaly in 2016, I focused myself exclusively on my mental state and psihological training, which is the final stage of any retail trader, who wants to become a professional.


After 14 years in trading, from which 7 in forex, in 2016 I’ve decided to start the procedure of establishment my private hedge fund and start with preparations. In 2017 I’ve worked mostly on psichological side of trading how to start with such a serious business 100% ready.  Click on the picture for more details.

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