CUPRUM Coin – The cryptocurrency of the future with $60 Billion worth of underlying assets

CUPRUM Coin is a start-up cryptocurrency project that will have a specific physical asset as a backup, an ultra-high purity nano Copper Powder. It is one of the most expensive elements in the world with end-consumers like the aerospace industry, but it is used mostly as a financial product due to its extreme and stable value. The world’s largest banks use it as a collateral and as an investment instrument, which is not available on the open market. With our CUPRUM Coin we want to provide this opportunity to all investors; institutional, professional, and retail. For a start, Stage 1 (Phase 1 – Presale, and Phase 2 – ICO), we have analyzed, prepared, and stored in a security house in the EU nano Cu Powder worth €200 million. (Edit: March 09.) We’re expanded the underlying assets to $1 billion (Edit: July 27th) $60 Billion.

Presale is planned for September 2021 Check the details >>>

All the technical details and White paper coming during August.

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