The only purpose of retail trading is to make money, big! How to do it!?

Acording to statistics, more then 90% of retail forex trades are losing money. There is only one reason behind, all of them wanted to make money, big. When I say big, I mean at the big percentage on the invested capital. The biggest problem in their effort was that they couldn’t handle the risk and loss. We all know that there is no high and quick returns without big or pretty high risk. But, let me clarify something at the begininnig of this theme. Who are retail traders?

Retail Trader is the one who trade for his private accounts, or even individually for family or for clients. So, every trader who is NOT the employee in the investment or trading industry, he’s retail trader. What is the difference in between retail and professional/institutional trader? You know that nobody from the professional investment industry is not allowed to trade with high risk as they are only the one part of the huge team. They have strict rules on which their job depend, if they broke the rules, they will lose the job, simple as that. Furder on, large professional investment companies manage huge money, hundreds of millions or even billions and practically all of the trading in such a companies are made by algoritmic systems. Humans simply can’t manage such a large capital in markets like equities, futures or forex. That’s why, based on mathematical formulas, systems trade to achieve set constant monthly goals, but which are not high in percentages. Why they are not high? Because, with large capital like that, even a small procentage of gain is huge money and they can’t take more then there is circulating in the market, right!? It’s a zero sum game. On the other hand, why they can achive a constant monthly return? It’s simple, they can actually move the market in their favor when they need it, retail traders can’t. Now, let’s return to retail traders and how to achive the big procentage earnings.

I bet that every trader who is reading this post have tried to take big money quickly and failed, ones, twice or even ten times or more. Those who couldn’t handle the loss because of the psychological problems mostly, but financial as well, after a while think how taking big money fast is immposible, right!? Then, they are slowly turning at some kind of secure trading with low risk, blah, blah, blah… because that’s the only way? Well, I am looking at that like this. If you’re following the rules of someone who manage large capital, he will always talk about small risk and practicaly small anual return which is normal, but that’s a different world as I wrote. You as a retail trader don’t have that resposibility, you don’t have large capital and your goal must be the highest it can be. I mean, why not to take something what is infront of you, it’s literately on the table. You just need to pick that up, right!? But how, is that possible?

At first, don’t be misled that big money can’t be taken by trading. It can! Let me write this. What if you would know how the market, gold or oil will move in the next let’s say, just 24 hours, but exactly how. What do you think, how much money you could take in those 24 hours with $10,000 investment? Probably you will easily reached a $50,000 to $60,000 or even $100,000 in just 24 hours. It’s possible and most of you have probabaly done it on demo account, right!? I know, you will say now, but we can’t predict that and we can’t know the exact move. I know you can’t, but I am talking about the opportunity, it’s there every single day. Did you know exactly how the market will move when you were traded with demo account? No, you simply wasn’t afraid to lose that money, right!? Well. So, you can’t and you doesn’t have to predict the exact moves, but you can predict the part of it and take the chance with a proper risk and money management. You’re able to take $1,000 or $5,000 or even $10,000 on those $10,000 investment preaty easy, even with not so high risk. I proved here how something like that can be done and I showed how. That’s exactly the purpose of retail trading, not taking 1% or $100 monthly on $10,000 investment. That’s not it and I know that all of you out there wants the same, you want to take money big. The purpose of retail trading is to take 20%, 50% or even 100% in a single day or within a week. It take years to solve everything I know, but you can do it! Here’s the couple of my advices.

Take the one part of the capital which you have planed to invest and try my FXtreme Aggressive or something similar. Let’s say that you have $5,000 to invest and to trade with, invest just 10% or 20% from that or $500 to $1,000 and try. Train your brain on high risk and loss, try to make 100% or 200% with that amount in a week. If you reach the same, you will have a highly positive state of mind which can provide even more profit. But, exactly then you must be careful and at the certain level you need to stop and draw the line, you need to withdraw most of the profit. After that you can relax, search for another opportunity for few days and then try again. Where is that line? Well, every one of you will have a different level and you need to feel it before you start to lose, because, the market can easily take that money back. Remember, if you can handle the risk and accept the loss without emotions, you can make big money, bigger then you have ever imagine.

Let me show you couple of more performances I’ve made in 2019, all in this effort to solve psychology and my FXtreme Aggressive strategy until the end, how to make big money as a retail trader, big in procentage, but big by the amount as well if I trade with large investment. I want to take the advantage of the possibility which I have in the market almost every day, how about you? Btw. I just working on something which will prove that nothing is impossible in forex, beside those amaizing results I already posted here in the last couple of days.

Here’s some of the trading with my FXtreme Aggressive strategy in 2019, with lower amounts of capital, for those traders who are investing from 500 to 2000 eur for example. As I wrote, invest 500 or 1000 euros and trade for a few days, for a week, try to reach 100% or 200% and take the profit, or transfer part of the gain on some other trading account and try again the same as I did. It’s endless game in which you need to strive to become a winner. Remember that qoute from Albert Einsten: You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.” That’s it and I will add one more, it’s mine; “If you trade like most traders, you can’t be successful”, be different.


From 560 eur to 1600 eur by Mario Urlic

With 560 eur investment 200% in just 2 days

♥ 200% ♥

From 1500 eur to 4000 eur by Mario Urlic

Another 200% gain with 1500 eur investment in just 1 day

♥ 400% ♥

From 1600 eur to 8500 eur by Mario Urlic

With 1600 eur investment 400% profit within a week


From 560 eur to 3500 eur by Mario Urlic

Again with 560 eur investment a 500% profit in just 2 days with little stronger trading




Same as in my previous posts with trading like this I would like to write some important things at the end of this presentation. Is this some rule with which you can trade constantly like every day? No it’s not, no you can’t! The market doesn’t have to behave as you see it. Anyway, here are the rules that you must strictly follow if you want to trade like this:

  1. You must accept the loss you have determined without anger and emotions!
  2. Never move your SL and pray for the market to return in your favor because in strategy like this the positions are large and quick market move can make a lot of damage to your capital!
  3. Stick to your plan, but be ready to change your view quickly!
  4. Follow the technical levels and MA’s and don’t force your targets, you don’t move the market!
  5. It’s best to trade sessions like this with part of the profit what you have made in the previous trading sessions!


I trade this extremely risky short term strategies or trading sessions strictly with my private/family accounts and I don’t trade this for clients. Be aware of the big risk which is taken in this trading sessions!

This kind of trading is not for everyone and requires a high level of psychological stability and experience.

Don’t you tell me, it’s not possible because everything is possible in trading!

Stay focused, trade and learn how to solve the problems and make that fcking money!


Mario Urlic potpis

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  • Ovo je fantazija šta ti radiš, svaka čast. 🙂 Držiš li edukacije za ove tvoje FXtreme programe i koliko koštaju ako držiš?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hvala. Ne, ne držim edukacije jer to nebi imalo nikakvog smisla sve da u nasitnije detalje objasnim kako to radim. Naime, ovdje je psihologija 90% trejdanja i svi koji bi pokušali ovakvo nešto, a da nemaju posloženu psihu nebi uspjeli. Za posložiti sve kockice trebaju godine trejdanja. No, treba pokušati pa ćeš vidjeti gdje si, zar ne!? 😉


  • You should held a motivational speeches for traders Mario, great articles. Thank you


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