20% risk, 100%+ gain, 1 trade, 1 day on real account. Check the trade and details how I did it.

In my previous two posts I have showed a large gain with high risk involved with my FXtreme Aggressive trading, but in this one I will show you how sometimes I can do it with low risk such as 20% in total. With RR ratio at the end of 1:6 this single trade made more than 120% profit . Unfortunately, it was simply impossible for me to save all of my trading sessions and trades, but I have some of them. At first, I didn’t want to save most of it because I didn’t want to write about trading like this before. I mean, in this world everybody’s talking about consistance, low risk, etc., but at the end of my efforts to succeed I think of retail trading like this; the only purpose of trading is to make money, nothing else. Well, I could write an article with the exact headline latter because I had to say a lot about it, but let me show you this trading session now. It’s my recorded/saved oil trade from the last year. As I traded with this account for a while, at the beginning of this trade, the starting capital was aprox.  at 4,500 EUR.



1. On my first chart you can see the exact entry and protection. After I’ve notice a possible double top and a falling flag pattern on oil, I waited for the market to make a move and made my short entry when that falling flag and H1 MA100 was broken. As you can see, I placed my SL 32 pips away from the entry, which in that moment was 20% risk on the current capital, or aproximately 900 EUR. My prediction resistance level was at that time at 68.80/90. I wrote before that I always place my TP away from the entry and then decide during the trading what should I do. That was the decision here as well.



2. As my first detected resistance level held oil on the way up, an hour latter I made a new potential one and protect my entry placing the SL on BE. The current profit is as you can see, 834,07 euros.



3. My second detected resistance level held as well and the oil continued the fall furder with current profit of 1,300 euros at the time. At that moment I started to look at the possible exit level on aprox 67.00, the previous low from August 02. (left on chart)…



4. …the level which was broken as well on strong oil decline. The oil fell to 66.50 at the time and as my current profit was well above the 100%, I’ve closed the position. Curent gain on this chart is 5,991.93 euros, I closed my position with 5,901.88 eur (statement).



5. I litterately leave a few trades before and latter on this statement, just as a proof how I traded with that account before and latter as I wrote at the beginning. But, was my decison good to close the same on this level, let me show you in the next chart. A I didn’t have that chart in my file, I looked today at the same and here’s the result.



6. My exit or position closing level at 66.51 was precise and on time. The oil turned back up in the next few days (this is H4 chart) to 67.70 and even to 68.30 after couple of more lows. As I wrote before in my explanations, exit or closing the position in trading is on the same importance as entry and protection level. Most of the traders ask me how I detect the exit levels. Well, most of the time I am closing my position based on feeling, but my decision is also supported sometimes or most of the time with TA, which includes; SR lines, trend lines and MA’s.


Same as in my previous two posts with trading like this, no matter how the risk was much smaller here, I would like to write some important things at the end of this presentation. Is this some rule with which you can trade constantly like every day? No it’s not, no you can’t! The market doesn’t have to behave as you see it. Anyway, here are the rules that you must strictly follow if you want to trade like this:

  1. You must accept the loss you have determined without anger and emotions!
  2. Never move your SL and pray for the market to return in your favor because in strategy like this the positions are large and quick market move can make a lot of damage to your capital!
  3. Stick to your plan, but be ready to change your view quickly!
  4. Follow the technical levels and MA’s and don’t force your targets, you don’t move the market!
  5. It’s best to trade sessions like this with part of the profit what you have made in the previous trading sessions!


I trade this extremely risky short term strategies or trading sessions strictly with my private/family accounts and I don’t trade this for clients. Be aware of the big risk which is taken in this trading sessions!

This kind of trading is not for everyone and requires a high level of psychological stability and experience.


Mario Urlic potpis

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