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The only purpose of retail trading is to make money, big! How to do it!?

Acording to statistics, more then 90% of retail forex trades are losing money. There is only one reason behind, all of them wanted to make money, big. When I say big, I mean at the big percentage on the invested capital. The biggest problem in their effort was that they couldn’t handle the risk and loss. We all know that

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20% risk, 100%+ gain, 1 trade, 1 day on real account. Check the trade and details how I did it.

In my previous two posts I have showed a large gain with high risk involved with my FXtreme Aggressive trading, but in this one I will show you how sometimes I can do it with low risk such as 20% in total. With RR ratio at the end of 1:6 this single trade made more than 120% profit . Unfortunately, it

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