200% in 12 days, from 20K to 60K EUR on real account. Check the details how I did it.

Furder to my article from yesterday about 100% gain in just two days, I would like to present one more trading in which I made almost 200% in just 12 days. This trading were just before I traded the previous presented one, in March/April 2019. I don’t have a specific trades to show like in my previous post as in this trading session were 57 positions in total, but I will explain with Myfxbook reports and trade statements how I did this. In my previous post you have seen how I trade and what I am searching for, as you will see in my trades here the same pattern. I this account I invested 22K euros and reached over 60K in total in just 12 days. I wrote and explain yesterday, in these FXtreme short term strategies how the risk is very high and it goes from 35 to 50% in total. Sometimes I reach the same and you will see in this example that in day 5 I reached the bottom line with 45% loss, when the market caught my SL’s on 3 opened gold positions. As I wrote before, I don’t move my SL’s no matter what and when they get caught I simply search another opportunity to recover the loss. Let’s start with my presentation.

FXtreme by Mario Urlic 2-Myfxbook1


1. As you can see, the beginning was calm and after 2 days I had a +24,81% gain, with 8,98% biggest loss after 10 positions. Sometimes like in this exapmle I go slower until I reach the certain amount of gain, which I will risk latter. Maybe you will think how 5 position per day is too much, but based on the position sizes I use to have a lot of BE’s, or break evens and depend on that it can be a little more positions, but in average, it’s from 4 to 5 daily.

FXtreme by Mario Urlic 2-Myfxbook2


2. As I wrote, on this report you can see that large loss of 45.56% on day 5. I made a wrong decision with my 3 gold positions, but I stuck to my strategy and the market caught my SL’s. I accepted the loss without a problem and contiue with my strategy furder. Even the loss were big in total, my invested capital was in negative only 17%, as I fell to 18,292 EUR with that trades. I was calm enough and found a new opportunity on oil after which I decided that I will close that winning positions exactly to cover the previous loss if the market let me and that’s what I did on day 6. I lost 14,700 EUR in those losing trades and made a profit of 14,500 EUR in the next 2 trades on oil. I would say, that’s also BE, I covered the loss and now I can go furder with even more confidence.

FXtreme by Mario Urlic 2-Myfxbook3


3. How confident I was you can see 2 days latter when I reached a 100% profit. In my point of view, confidence is very important part of trading and it’s not easy to return the same after big loss. You can easily be disrupted if you can’t handle the loss which you personally have detected and that’s the sign that you should reduce the risk urgently. I wrote a lot lately about psychology as that is of the most importance and you should work on yourself each day, week and month if you trade full time.

FXtreme by Mario Urlic 2-Myfxbook4


4. On day 11 I reached a gain of 163% as I made more then 25% in that day. I said to myslef, couple of more positions and I am near 200%, after which I will transfer some part of the profit to my other accounts and try another similar strategy. I have dozens of saved such or similar tradings because I knew that this is exactly what I want to offer investors tomorrow, after I mastering psychology completely. I want to offer an above average returns on investment in the future, the best you can find. This is why I am presenting this exact examples yesterday and today, to prove how something what I am offering is achievable, but in a little bit longer period, how to reduce the risk at 25 to 30% max. But, let’s finish this.

FXtreme by Mario Urlic 2-Myfxbook5


5. Even that I wanted to reach exactly 200% I had to withdraw and transfer a bigger part of the profit and after 57 positions I decided to finish with this trading session. I mean, after this what I showed, noone can say how my targets of 100% and 200% are not possible to reach in 2 or 3 months, with strictly determinated risk in advance of 15 to 35% depens on selected investment program. With proper strategy and risk management everything is possible on forex. To be honest, I have traded also a much better performances as well in 2019, like x5 or more in same time frame period, with lower risk too, but that I will never promise to do for others. It can be done as well, there are no limits here guys, it’s just a matter of your mind and expertise.

Complete “Trade history report” from this trading session

FXtreme trade history 2019

Mobile version

FXtreme trade history 2019 mobile


Same in my previous article I would like to write some important things at the end of this presentation. This is a bit different strategy, it’s not so aggressive to chase a 100% in one day, but also requires rules which you must strictly follow and they are:

  1. You must accept the loss you have determined without anger and emotions!
  2. Never move your SL and pray for the market to return in your favor because in strategy like this the positions are large and quick market move can make a lot of damage to your capital!
  3. Stick to your plan, but be ready to change your view quickly!
  4. Follow the technical levels and MA’s and don’t force your targets, you don’t move the market!
  5. It’s best to trade sessions like this with part of the profit what you have made in the previous trading sessions!


I trade this extremely risky and short term strategies or trading sessions strictly with my private/family accounts and I don’t trade this for clients. Be aware of the big risk which is taken in this trading sessions!

This kind of trading is not for everyone and requires a high level of psychological stability and experience.


Be calm traders. 😉

Mario Urlic potpis

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