100% in two days, from 10k to 20k EUR on real account. Check the trades and details how I did it.

Traders and investors are usually sceptical when I talk about 100% or 200% possible gain in short term period like 2 or 3 months, but I will prove with my concrete posts in which I will include even a specific trades, that for some of us something like that is possible even in one day, week or less then a month. In fact, I’ve been writing quite a bit over the last two years about how I specialize in developing short term trading strategies which provides above-average return on investment and that’s exactly what I trade constantly in 2019. Of course, all of you who follow me knows that I also write about how I have had many failures and recoveries during my career, especially when I start to manage accounts in 2016. But, how not to repeat that posts here, you can find it in my web easy, let’s see how I did this, how I made 100% profit in just two days or just in one trading sesion, specifically with only 3 trades. Of course, most of you will think immediately, yeaaah, but how much risk I’ve took, right!? Sure, there is big risk involved in trading like this, how else to made such a profit. To be honest, in my setups for such a reward, I am taking from 35 to 50% risk. Wooow, that’s huge right!? Sure it is, but remember one thing, this is a one day trading sesion. Why I did it? Well, I wanted to test my strategy FXtreme Aggressive during 2019 on the most brutal ways, how to solve all the psichological issues in trading and latter on to reduce the risk on normal levels when I will manage other accounts. Ok, but how I did it anyway, it’s not easy also with such a big risk, for most traders impossible for sure. Well, at first I search for good opportunity, after which I decide where to place my positions based on technical analysis, after which I follow everything and decide where to close my positions based mostly on my feeling. Why on my feeling? I will explain at the end when you will see where and why I closed my positions. You will notice that the starting capital in this successful trades is little lower from investment of 10,000 EUR, it’s aprox 8,200 eur and that was only because I’ve failed to place my entires in the first couple of trades. But, let’s start with the presentation. I traded Oil, which is my specialty beside gold as you know.

00 FXtreme by Mario Urlic

At first, I will show my failed entry, no matter that this was good TA positions as well for a while. I’ve took a risk of aprox 3,000 (30%) and I lost it as the market went higher and hit my SL’s. As I was still bearish on a daily basis, I sow that the oil could make a possible double top at 64.60/70, where my SL was placed and I opened new positions. You will probably think why I didn’t move my SL’s if I was sure. Well, I never move my SL because I am ready to take the loss, rather then waiting for what could happen by luck. Especially when it was a strong up trend on Oil long term which I traded earlier, (I will show that performance as well in the coming days). Anyway, I sow a possible short pullback here, which I wanted to trade and I did.


2. As you can see in my 2nd printscreen, I was right as the oil reached the double top where I placed again my 2 short positions at 64.59 and 64.57, with little lower risk then before, but it was in total with first loos at aprox 50% of the investment. A you can see I add a 3rd short position as well at 64.18 when the oil broke trough the intraday TA support at 64.20/30. You will see in the next print screens how that support (above my 3rd position) has become a strong intraday resistance, which was in my favor. You can notice in this chart and on my trades that I’ve placed all three SL’s at the 64.45 level, which was a some kind of break even if the market turn up again, what is always possible, remember that! At this point, my current proft is aprox 5,200 EUR.

02 FXtreme by Mario Urlic


3. Well, the oil bounced up from the H1 MA100 and tested the resistance at 64.20/30 what I was expected, but I was calm enough and followed the move patiently. I must say that my SL’s were here easy to reach, but I wanted to stay and to try to trade my view how to reach the target. Must say that the target is far away from my entry as the oil can always move strongly in one way, up to 4 or even 5% daily. As you can see, from the previous +5,200 EUR, my profit fell to +2,000 EUR at this moment.

03 FXtreme by Mario Urlic


4. At my current 4th print screen you can see that I was right, the intraday resistance held the oil on the way up and turned back down again. What was the next important thing to follow for me was the H1 MA100 as I expected to be broken on this attack. My targets are still far away at this moment, but you will see latter that I will reduce my targets and closing levels. My profit jumps from +2,000 to +7,500 EUR.

5. This level at my 5th screen was also very important for me as I mentioned H1 MA100 line. In my point of view at that time, when Oil broke the line I sow the new intrady resistance at that level after which I moved my SL’s finaly bellow my 3rd short position and secure a profit for all positons. The current profit is +8,500 EUR at the moment.

05 FXtreme by Mario Urlic


6. I’ve continued to follow the move and waited to see will ‘my new resistance’ level at aprox 63.60 hold if the oil returned up again. Current profit is almost at the highest level from the beginning at +11,600 EUR, which is almost at 100% gain in total on my invested capital. But, as my target at that point was much lower, I decided to wait more and to see what will happen next. At this point I was ready to make some changes in my view, if the oil will not fall furder.

06 FXtreme by Mario Urlic


7. The new resistance held on the way up as I expected and the oil tested again previous low at 63.30, but at that point I made a decision to reduce my targets and to close my first short entry (64.59) at 63.30 at the time, which I did. That’s how with my first position and made +5,280 EUR which increased my starting capital in this sesion from 8,200 EUR to 13,535 EUR. That’s how I covered my previous loss of 1,800 EUR and made a solid profit. But, I still had two more shorts with current profit at the time of +8,562 EUR.

07 FXtreme by Mario Urlic


8. As I followed furder and sow a potential support on H1 chart at the 60.30 price, I decided to close my second short entry (64.57) at 63.58 with profit of +4,300 EUR, which increased my capital furder at 17,931 EUR at that moment, but there is still one position opened, the last one with current profit of +2,840 EUR at the time.

08 FXtreme by Mario Urlic


9. As the oil returned back up and tested the resistance level once again in the last three hours I suspected that the 63.25/30 could be the bottom of the day and strong support (remember, it’s a still long term up trend) I decided to close my 3rd and last short position at 63.61 with profit of +2,528 EUR. That’s how, with those three positions I made a total profit +12,205 EUR, what increased my capital in total over 20,000 EUR.

10 FXtreme by Mario Urlic - Myfxbook

You can see exactly how everything looks on Myfxbook statement, but I hope that the most important things I’ve explained on the charts. The biggest DD was 27.86%, which I made with those first doubled oil short positions at the beginning. Those winning trades shows RR ratio of 1:3 after closing, which is absolutely acceptable at any trading sesion or in single positions. But, at the end of this presentation I want to show one more thing…

09 FXtreme by Mario Urlic

…a day after. The oil turned up again and reached even my first entry levels, which prove that my decision to close everything was great, on time and on the right levels. That part of trading is of the same importance as the entry level, always think that, beside the good TA knowledge you need to have a good feeling for the market moves. If you wait too long, following like this, the market can easilly erase your entire profit. But, the feeling will come after years and years of trading don’t worry.

Here’s complete statement and all 8 trades in this session.

Mario Urlic - FXtreme Aggressive x2 statement 2019


I would like to write some important things at the end of this presentation. Is this some rule with which you can trade constantly like every day? No it’s not, no you can’t! The market doesn’t have to behave as you see it. In this example the market could catch my second entry and made me a bigger loss as well, but there are rules here that you must strictly follow and they are:

  1. You must accept the loss you have determined without anger and emotions!
  2. Never move your SL and pray for the market to return in your favor because in strategy like this the positions are large and quick market move can make a lot of damage to your capital!
  3. Stick to your plan, but be ready to change your view quickly!
  4. Follow the technical levels and MA’s and don’t force your targets, you don’t move the market!
  5. It’s best to trade sessions like this with part of the profit what you have made in the previous trading sessions!


I trade this extremely risky short term strategies or trading sessions strictly with my private/family accounts and I don’t trade this for clients. Be aware of the big risk which is taken in this trading sessions!

This kind of trading is not for everyone and requires a high level of psychological stability and experience.


Stay well, my next presentation will come in the coming days. 😉

Mario Urlic potpis

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