FXtreme Aggressive; 200% target withing 2 months of trading. Are you ready to join?

After I have announced the “FXtreme Asset Management” with 10-20% monthly target, I am ready to offer the most brutal investment opportunity for small investors. Considering that I have been successfully trading this strategy for months personally, I want to prove that I can manage this risk as well for the investors properly and reach the detected gross target of 200% That means 100% net profit for the investor within max. of 2 months of trading. The most important part of this session is the risk, which is detected at 35% max. for the investment, which of course must be higher then in my FXtreme Psychology and 7 to 10% max. for all opened positions. Why I am doing this and what I want to prove? As I wrote in my previous offer, I want to prove that I can control the risk of the toughest challenges in the market, while achieving above-average return on investments. This will also be the only opportunity to make such a profit short term, because after I reach the target, I will quit with this session. Maximum asset under management for this session is detected at 100,000 eur, minimum investment per investor is 5,000 eur. For all other details, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

FXtreme Aggressive by Mario Urlic

If you are ready to invest, here are the details how to do it and some major rules;

  1. You’re opening a personal account at VantageFX my trusted partner since 2016.
  2. After the account is aproved, you’re making the deposit.
  3. When your capital is on your account, you will sign the LPOA agreement, the document which regulates the conditions of trading and profit-sharing.
  4. I connect your account with my asset manager platform and trade.

It’s important to know that;

  1. You’re managing your investment in total which includes deposit and the withdrawal, except for my share of the profit.
  2. You can follow everything I do true your control account.
  3. On each day you will receive the trading statement by e-mail.
  4. If you invest 10,000 eur, your net profit will be 10,000 eur.
  5. Maximum leverage on the MAM account is 1:100.

Security of the funds;

Vantage FX is a trading name of Vantage International Group Limited. Vantage International Group Limited is authorised and regulated by Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), Securities Investment Business LAW (SIBL) number 1383491.

Clients’ funds are held in a segregated account with Australia’s AA rated National Australia Bank (NAB). NAB are one of the 4 largest financial institutions in Australia. For more info please visit our web here.

For all other inquiries fell free to contact me;

join now


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