FXtreme Asset Management; 10-20% monthly target. Are you interested?

After several years of strategy testings and developments during which period I’ve experienced a major failures as well as recoveries, I am finaly ready to prove my expertise as I should, properly. That’s how, from November 2019 I am ready to offer an opportunity for serious investors who are searching for a low risk investment, with an above average monthly return. Minimum investment per investor is detected at 50,000 EUR. Maximum risk for the investing capital is 15%, risk per all active trades will be 3-5%. Here’s the investment prospect and main details bellow.

FXtreme Management Urlic-Swissquote 2020

If you are ready to invest, here are the details how to do it and some major rules;

  1. You’re opening a personal account at Swissquote Bank, my trusted partner since 2015.
  2. After the account is aproved, you’re making the deposit.
  3. When your capital is on your account, you will sign the LPOA agreement, the document which regulates the conditions of trading and profit-sharing.
  4. I connect your account with my asset manager platform and trade.

It’s important to know that;

  1. You’re managing your investment in total which includes deposit and the withdrawal, except for my share of the profit.
  2. You can follow everything I do true your control account.
  3. On each day you will receive the trading statement by e-mail.
  4. If you invest 50,000 eur, your net monthly profit could be from 5,000 to 10,000 eur.
  5. Maximum leverage on the MAM account is 1:10.

Security of the funds;

Swissquote Bank Ltd holds a banking and securities trading license since 2001, is supervised by FINMA and applies the highest Swiss banking standards of security and service quality. For more information, please visit our web here.

For all other inquiries fell free to contact me;

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