Dear readers


You’ve notice lately that I am here rarely and less and less every week. That’s because the most important period of my 14 year trading career is near and I have to decide on some changes in my life, although I like to write and to be here with you. My hedge fund establishment procedure is near and I have too many obligations to prepare everything as it suposed to be, on the highest possible level. With that as my primary goal in the next couple of months, I have to make some money by trading for one part of the starting capital and that’s not a small amount, it’s huge money involved. That’s why I need to be focused exclusively in my analysis, setups and predicitons, how to make a best possible and highest valuable trades in my life. I am trader and all I want to do in the future is to trade.

I tried to quit with my writing already, but always came back with some new analysis and my personal view, but as I don’t update my analysis and view, it’s better not to write the same at all. Now, I need to be focused only on myself and on my private trading accounts, asset management for private investors as well and that’s why there is not enough time for everything. As I have too many meetings here and online, must travel for some ones as well. I also want to spend some quality time with my family and friends. I need to reorganize myself a little bit, hope you will don’t mind. 😉

I will write some articles when I catch some time, this is not the end of this blog, but that will be articles from my experience, mostly educational. It’s been two years since I start with my blog and there was hundreds of thousands views from all over the world until now. I think there is a lot of interesting articles here, which can help someone to build his trading career and there will be some more. I will reduce my time in the social networks as well, because sometimes I spend hours answering the questions to traders, but you always know how and where to find me, right!? I will answer the questions in the future only when I have nothing better to do. Take care and good luck! 😉


  • good luck whats ever u do it..

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  • Dao si nam drugačiji i realan pogled na tržište, hvala ti na svemu legendo. Radujem se člancima sa iskustvom iz prve klupe. 🙂 Sretno sa fondom i nadam se da se opet vidimo u Zadru.

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  • Focus you’re self on you’re business Mario because noone else will. You have done enough for this community, everything for free. Respect my friend.

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  • Hvala sox i Goran. Svako dobro momci i samo se držite plana i discipline, može se. Jednostavno ne stižem update-jdati tehničke analize na vrijeme i onda je bolje ne pisati ih uopće. Moram se posvetiti sebi i svom poslu pod broj jedan, jednostavno je ovo sve preveliko. Bit će vremena za pisanje kad zaradim prvi milion eura. 🙂

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  • Razumijem te u potpunosti samo se ti posveti trgovanju , uvijek mozes nesto napisati kad imas viska vremena a i ovako si puno toga napravio i pomogao pogotovo meni koji sam puno toga naucio od tebe ,eto sve najbolje ti žeim u novom podhvatu kad se zaradi neka lova i ja se pridruzujem hehe 😀

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  • Mario ,potpuno si u pravu samo ti sredi svoje obaveze i organiziraj svoj zivot pa tako i svi mi radimo! A mi smo uvijek tu pa kad se stvari slegnu uvijek cemo analizirati situaciju zajedno ,ne zivi se od zraka zelim ti uspjeh s novim klijentima i u stvaranju novog profita a ja cu kao sto sam i napisao prije POKUSATI kad se smanji volatilnost od Trampludila riskirati dio srestva pokusavajuci ostvariti dio tvog exstra rizika kroz tvoje exstrimne misije ! Puno srice iskreno ti zelim ! Pozdrav iz Splita

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  • I will Always Respect you….and best of luck for your success ..I have believed in Future Peoples CALL YOU MR FOREX KING(Emperor Star Trader)……………


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