It’s free and always will be!

mario urlic analysis free

Regardless of what I had serious inquiries for my planned membership in the last couple of days, tough I had much more requests from those who can not pay the same, asking me to help furder. No matter that I had a several serious problems with my blog and some people who exploiting my analysis for personal profit, in that anger I completely forgot that I’m not writing my blog for money, but to help others.  I totaly forgot that money isn’t everything to me and that the $20K or even $50K will not change my life. That’s why I have decided that I will continue to write everything here for free, for those who followed me from the beginning, who participate in my articles with comments, who shares my blog posts and like the same. That means much more to me then money and that’s what makes me happy during the week and sometimes during the tough trading days.

That’s why, I’d like to apologize to all of you. I am here for you to help, as I’ve always been for free. How I always write in my blog stats, thank you all for coming, it’s you who makes this blog complete, not me!

P.S. There will be several changes during the weekend, I am working on new blog design. Thank you!


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