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In the last couple of weeks I have experienced things what I didn’t expect to happen and that’s why I will take a break at first and then decide how to restrict content in my blog and whether I will continue to write the same. What is the reason? Well, You all know that I write here for free and that’s not an issue, I am realy glad to help individual traders and beginners. But I recently discovered and verified, that many of self called managers are stealing my analysis and predictions and they use the same for their personal profit, selling my analysis and predictions as signals and advices as their. It’s kind of funny when I have so many beginner questions about forex and my experience, my way, my knowledge in January and same persons are managers and educators 2 months latter. There is also a companies who use my analysis as their and that’s something that I will not tolerate. It’s not only that this is not fair, it’s a stealing of the intellectual property. I know that the internet is wild west and it’s not easy to protect everything, but I don’t want to spend my time with lawyers, chasing thieves. It’s a run with no end and I don’t need it.

It’s not only my analysis of what others are stealing, but my office pictures, performance statements, after wich they build a communitie pages with my content, forex manager sites, communitie network profiles. There is no end and there is no way to fight against the same. As I already wrote, I don’t want to spend my precious time with that kind of problems. I want to spend the same by working hard and when I have a free time, I am spending the same with my family and friends. There is no other way to have a quality and happy life.

I have so much important things to do in the coming period. As you all know, I started the establishment of my own hedge fund, I am also expecting an another huge deal and contract signing in a few days and those are the things on wich I want to be focused 100%.

I will probably write about my experience and things that could help for the beginners and other more experienced traders. I will write about forex statistics, important news, something about education as well, but I will not write my analysis any more and in a way that I was doing so far. I hope that you will understand my decision to do this. I put myself in the first place this time. I simply have no more reason to prove my knowledge in this way and I will not allow others to build their business on my experience, what I’ve gained in a very difficult and expensive way.

Thank you and happy trading!

Mario Urlić

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  • Yes, please don’t stop. Hope we see you for 2017!

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  • Mario slažem se s tobom. Analize su ti odlične, sretno sa Hedge Fondom 🙂

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  • Razumijem te u potpunosti ,bilo mi je cast uciti od ovakvog majstora .Zelim ti sve najbolje ui buducem hedge fondu uspijeh nece izostat to sam siguran, nadam se da ces napisati koji clanak s vremena na vrijeme 🙂

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  • You have the respect of the people that matter! Love!

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  • Dear Mario, that is very disappointing news as you are very good teacher for all us beginners in this Forex market. Thank you for your analysis and showing the way how to analyze and predict market movements. I do hope that it is possible to make a blog only for registered users to control content stealing, but still help us beginners. Whatever decision you will make, thanks for your hard work to help us.

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  • As i was gearing myself up to learn as much as i could from you, i have burnt my account on two occassions already, is there a way in which you could assist us begginers without having to post on your blog?dissappinting


    • You have burned you’re accounts two times because of me? Then you must be doing exactly the opposite of what I write all the time.

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  • I am not surprised that it happend, but it is mostly youre fault because you are doing everything for free. Focus on youre business and let this shit to someone else. I told you that for so many times.

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  • it is true. i am also saw ..some body use and post his predition in market..

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  • MR Mario You are 100% right and take Good decsion..In This Online a lot cheaters ans scamer Here in this World who are cheating ….i will Support you and I know you are 100% Trusted Professional trader.

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  • please don’t stop.


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