Monthly Archives: March 2016

EUR/USD, bulls on the run!

The euro marching forward strongly today, after Yellen failed yesterday and the question is where this euro growth could end it? Is this resistance strong enough, starts from 1.1340 > 1.1375/90, or the sellers will retreet higher toward 1.1500? Who can tell, the market is  unpredictable in the last few days after the ECB’s messures and FED’s ‘not’ messures. This is

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Low interest rates are the same as drug addiction!

And we can see that from yesterday FED’s decision to leave all rates unchanged. I was sure that the FED will hike yesterday, because all FED’s conditions (data-depended) have been fulfilled. Long-term unemployment forecats is 4.7-5.0%, right where the official unemployment rate is currently, while the Core PCE of 1.7% is already higher than the high range of the FED’s 2016 year

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