Monthly Archives: February 2016

EUR/USD, confusion after the US Unemployment data!

You’ve probably watched the NFP and US unemployment data today and it’s possible that you’ve been confused as well. After the NFP was way bellow the expectations, 151K vs 190K, the unemployment data shows fall bellow the 5,0% at 4,9%. The market was undecided where to go and even the first reaction was US dollar weakness, the same returned the strenght

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US NFP and Unemployment Rate!

The US dollar crashed this week ahead of the todays US Nonfarm Payroll data, mostly on New York FED President Dudley’s speech. He said that financial conditions have tightened since December’s decision. He also said that continued tightening on conditions would weigh on the FED. That’s why the market is expecting delays of the furder tightening, selling the US dollar

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