US dollar bulls!


Here’s how the market looks like in the last few months, who needs analysis any more. I must change my job! 🙂


  • christopherglendinningmiller

    The only difference between the Euro and the Yen is that the Yen has broken out of the range and is weakening significantly against the Dollar. However the Euro remains firmly trapped within a very tight range of between about 1.2700 and 1.23500 and going nowhere at present. When it breaks out from this tight range, it probably will rocket either up to 1.50000 or retest the lows down at 1.10000. Looking at the daily chart it has been up down up down on a daily basis since 26th January 2015. By that I mean red candle blue candle red candle blue candle – almost like something out of the Matrix except it has yet not taken the pill. Looking back at the EUR/USD daily chart since the trend started last May, there has been a constant theme of alternate colours. It is quite unusual since there has been quite a strong trend. Possibly it is a reflection of the high volatility in the market.


  • You want to change the job? Bear’s hunter? 😀

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